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Meadowland: (989)224.8647

Melanie Thum:  (989)224.1305

Therese Henning  (989)224.4931


Staff:  staff@meadowlandpreschool.com (sends message to both teachers)

Mrs. Therese Henning:  mrs.henning@meadowlandpreschool.com

Mrs. Melanie Thum:  mrs.thum@meadowlandpreschool.com

Meadowland Pre-school

2965 Parks Rd

St. Johns, MI 48879

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Therese Henning

 5707 N. Dewitt Rd.  St. Johns, MI 48879


Melanie Thum

4849 N. Anderson Rd.  St. Johns, MI 48879



Meadowland Pre-School

2965 Parks Rd.

St. Johns, MI 48879


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