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Meadowland Preschool is licensed through the State of Michigan.

It is our objective at Meadowland to enhance the mental, physical and emotional growth of our preschool children with developmentally appropriate activities. We strive to open new avenues of play and experience, to bolster self-esteem, and to encourage creative thought and expression.  We are a play-based preschool and do not intend to hurry children to achievement, but rather provide opportunities to expand their potential through imagination, movement, and play.  An atmosphere of love and caring promotes trust and positive attitudes toward learning and readiness for kindergarten.

Meadowland Preschool provides your child with a well-rounded schedule. We select a variety of relevant, fun, and exciting themes on which our plans are based throughout the year. We offer a 2-year curriculum with new and unique activities each day.
Our daily activities include: 

  • Music, art, games, and dramatic play
  • Large-and-small-muscle-skills practice
  • Social skills and independence building
  • Language arts, science, and math skills practice
  • Creativity and imagination building





Meadowland Pre-School

2965 Parks Rd.

St. Johns, MI 48879


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